Strategic Planning

Our strategic plans motivate people because they are clear, credible, meaningful and achievable.

We ask our clients three key questions. The answers paint a detailed picture of a future they can realistically achieve. We talk about what’s available to support that reality and what the gaps are. Finally, we determine the priorities that will activate the plan fast and the strategies that will keep it going, no matter what.

The result is a credible, realistic plan that starts fast, remains nimble, holds people accountable and recognizes success.

+ Strategic Planning
+ Stakeholder Surveys
+ Forecasting Workshops
+ Facilitation and Mentorship

Brand Development

Every organization has a brand, but not every organization uses it to its full potential. Without the proper care and attention, a brand can lose its energy, its focus and its effectiveness, resulting in lost customers, lost revenue and wasted resources.

We build brands from the foundation up, starting with a brand platform. This platform sets the stage for future brand activities and helps the organization realize exactly who they are and what they have to say to the world.

+ Brand Workshops
+ Brand Platform Development
+ Brand Hierarchy and Architecture
+ Brand Image, Identity and Collateral


Regardless of the medium, whether it’s traditional or digital, the principals of effective communication apply. But the digital world is ever-changing, making it critical to stay abreast of new technologies, new platforms and new trends.

On-line communication provides great opportunities to be relevant with a meaningful message in the right moment, on the right forum. In many ways, digital communication is more human than traditional media could ever hope to be. Whether it’s a tweet, a blog or a white paper on your new site, it’s always about effectively connecting, person to person.

+ Website Design and Development
+ Social Media Strategy and Management
+ Content Development


It’s simple, our clients come to us because they want better communication, not more. Advertising is a significant investment and both consumers and the media landscape are much more sophisticated than they were even a few years ago.

Better communication is memorable because it is relevant to its intended audience, in message, in place and in time. Better advertising isn’t the biggest or the loudest, it’s the most effective.

+ Advertising Strategy
+ Campaign Concept and Execution
+ Media Strategy and Buying

Public Relations

The court of public opinion is intimidating. Public Relations is all about establishing and protecting your good name, in an arena where you can’t control the message. With over 25 years of experience in media relations, from epidemics and crises, to strike and labour relations communication, tri-level funding announcements to new business start-ups, we provide discreet and expert counsel, media relations training, news release preparation and news conference management.

+ Media Relations Counsel
+ Crisis Communication Counsel
+ Off and On-Camera Media Training
+ Press Conference Management
+ Press Release Writing & Distribution

Graphic Design

Graphic design is design for the purpose of communication. Design is what sets one brand apart from another. For graphic design to be effective, it’s imperative to understand target audiences, objectives, trends, the environment, competition and budgets, among other things.

Our team has the skills and experience, the tools and the insight to create projects that inform, engage and entertain. Whether it is a poster or an annual report, it is essential that the reader walks away understanding, appreciating and reacting to the message.

+ Annual Reports and Corporate Communications
+ Communication Collateral
+ Way-finding and Signage
+ Packaging and Experiential Design

Change Management

When a plan or an event affects people’s lives, their careers or their workplace, you need to be clear and thoughtful in how you share information and what you
ask for in return. If you want your communication to change attitudes and behaviours, you need to be specific and supportive in rolling this out.
Communication like this is an indication of respect for your stakeholders. They will remember if they were included or not. And while you likely won’t win over
naysayers, there are ways to communicate that can at least get you the benefit of the doubt. A well-planned communication strategy that ties all aspects together is your best bet to achieving your desired results.

+ Change Management Strategy
+ Internal Communication
+ Public and Stakeholder Consultation

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