An Islendingadagurinn Journey

With each brand story, one must start at the most important point in the journey. One must start at the beginning… “So Callum, why did you want to take part in Icelandic Festival of [...]

The Extreme Project

About a year ago, Honest Agency started working with local farming equipment manufacturer, Dynamic Ditchers Inc., to refresh and develop marketing materials for their ground-breaking (literally [...]

Open for Business in the West End

Centrally located in Winnipeg, the West End covers a small but dense area, rich in culture, business and community. A main thoroughfare for cars, cyclists and transit, the borders stretch from [...]

It’s All in the Family

What is an internship? Is it a tryout for potential employment? An opportunity to genuinely learn about the nuances of the industry? Or, perhaps a three-week stint where you put your head down, [...]

Farm Machine Fun with Dynamic Ditchers

In this business, it’s not every day that you get the opportunity to spend an entire day basking in the sunshine and playing in the dirt. But that’s exactly what we did last summer to kick-off [...]

Something Symbolic in a Palindrome

Yani, our recent second-year graphic design student placement, recounts her first day and overall experience at Honest Agency. On a bright and early morning, the sun perfectly kissed the brick [...]

We’re hiring a Graphic Designer!

Honest is a multi-disciplinary agency with expertise in brand development, strategic planning, graphic design, advertising, and public relations. Regardless of size or scope, we approach all [...]

Be Bright Valentine

  It is often in the darkest skies that we see the brightest stars. – Richard Evans In good times and bad, in dark and light, in sickness and health, through friendship and fallout, we [...]

Reel Love

Whether you’ve dropped anchor with the love of your life, or you’re casting the net far and wide, this e-card is sure to make a statement. Reel in that special someone with this timeless classic [...]

Down-home Country Love

There’s something to be said for wide open spaces, a love of the land and oh, those cowboys. Rope that special someone in this Valentine’s Day or remind your cowboy how important he is, with this [...]