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About a year ago, Honest Agency started working with local farming equipment manufacturer, Dynamic Ditchers Inc., to refresh and develop marketing materials for their ground-breaking (literally and figuratively), high-performance ditcher — the Wolverine Extreme. The Wolverine, as we fondly call it in the office, is a powerful and dependable alternative to the traditional ditcher for building ditches, waterways and terraces.

Dynamic Ditchers has been designing, manufacturing and distributing the Wolverine Extreme in Dugald, Manitoba. With a clear vision to deliver cutting-edge technology to all farmers, Dynamic Ditchers has experienced sales success beyond Western Canada in markets such as the U.S., Australia and Europe. But as with anything, there is always room to grow.

To design a kit that would do just that — grow sales — we began by assessing the Wolverine Extreme’s core brand identifiers. We quickly learned that both the logo and colour palette had gained considerable recognition over the years within the agriculture industry, so when the client requested to keep them, we wholeheartedly agreed. By taking these unique characteristics and developing additional elements to support them, we evolved the brand look and feel to better fit this class-leading product and establish a refined look, unlike any of the competition.

Throughout the process of creating the sales kit, we also took the time to polish the brand tone of voice which is reflected in the copywriting. In this case, a credible, intelligent and trustworthy personality was developed to resonate with the audience and effectively communicate the obvious benefits of this dynamic ditching machine.

Pulling all of the brand messaging, imagery and colours together, a multi-piece package was produced. The first tool developed to sell more ditchers was a high-gloss gatefold brochure. Dry-trapped matte and gloss varnish was applied in specific places to create a high-end finish. Effects and textures were applied throughout to give the brochure a rustic, masculine look and feel, while topographical lines relate the imagery to the earth. The tagline “Unleash Groundbreaking Performance” was developed to capitalize on the power and attributes of the machine. The final twist – working with translators in Ireland to create a Russian version of the brochure. After much back and forth while working in different time zones, the Russian version was successfully created and shipped for use at a tradeshow in Germany.

In addition to the brochure, three separate inserts were developed to highlight specific information based on the person receiving the package. These included: a price list for both Canadian and American customers, a fact sheet comparing the competition, and a signature letter with the ability to edit the addressee through the use of variable data.

And, if the glossy pages weren’t enough to entice a call from an inquisitive consumer, the included DVD was sure to. Over the course of a year, the video was scripted and produced to highlight all of the killer features of the Wolverine Extreme and finally burned to branded DVDs. Watch the full video here.

All of this information still required one thing – a package to contain it. A two-pocket folder was designed and leaving no stone unturned, so to speak, we added the final brand touch by embossing the cover with the signature claw mark from the Wolverine Extreme logo.

Once all of the pieces were completed, packages were individually addressed on both the exterior envelope and the inserted letter through variable data. They were then hand-sorted into specific groups: addressed Canadian, addressed American and general purpose for Dynamic Ditcher’s future use. A once complicated and time consuming step was made easy with the right supplier relationship and advanced planning. As Charles Eames once said, “The details are not the details. They make the product.”

While this project may have started off small, there was nothing small about it. From a client with a big heart to a larger than life machine, this project was extreme in the best way possible and now, hundreds of packages are ready to meet farmers from all over the world.


Project Extreme - Promotional Sales Kit

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