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There’s a new brand in town. Announced today in the Winnipeg Free Press, So/Po Square is set to change the face of downtown Winnipeg. We had the privilege of working with Artis, Longboat and MPI to create a name and a brand that truly reflects their vision for the project. Here’s a little peek at our process for this project.

We started with some keywords: Relaxed yet professional, upscale casual, distinguished, smart and sharp.

Then we chose a character: Sean Connery as James Bond.

The character and keywords helped influence a mood board of inspiration.

From there, logo, colours, imagery, tone of voice and style all followed suit.



The sharp and elegant logo leaves room for variations of colour, texture and tone that will reflect all the options that So/Po Square will offer Winnipeg.

A brand that has its own strength of character and can still accommodate partnerships with future brands of a major hotel chain, upscale casual restaurants, a world-class spa and the office tenants. A modern, but timeless brand that will gain texture and patina as it evolves into the physical space through signage, material and colour options that reinforce the experience of the location.

Welcome to So/Po Square.

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