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The Honest Client Gift Guide

Time to bring out the trees and menorahs. With the pre-holiday office rush, it can be difficult to find time to brainstorm a gift, never mind purchase, wrap, mail and/or deliver it. Gifting bottles of wine is a great go-to, however it’s always nice to add a few extra details that will set your gift apart. At Honest, we pride ourselves on our creative, fun gifts that show our clients just how much we appreciate their business. Here’s a list of thoughtful holiday gifts that will put smiles on your clients’ faces. 

  • Universal Yums

Universal Yums is a company that ships boxes of snacks from different parts of the world. With your subscription of either one, three or six months, your client will receive a box of ‘yums’ from a different country each time. Depending on the size of their business, you can choose either the family size package (Yum Yum Box, 12 or more snacks) or a small box (Yum Box, 5 or more snacks).

This gift is a great conversation starter and will help with team building. 

Budget: $13 – $25 per client gift

  • Donate

In light of recent events in Syria, UNICEF offers Survival Gifts for Children. Gifts include blankets for babies, urgent aid, and mother and baby tetanus packages. You choose the package you would like to give and then UNICEF will send a card with a personalized note to your client.

This is a gift you can feel good about and it’s almost guaranteed your client with appreciate it.

Budget: $28 – $50 per client gift

  • Homemade booze

Wine is great, but nothing says ‘we really, really want you to have fun this holiday season’ like homemade holiday booze. It’s super easy and a fun team building exercise for your staff (but, no sampling). My personal favourite is homemade Bailey’s, found all over Pinterest. It’s as easy as purchasing the ingredients, the appropriate number of mason jars, wrap and label accordingly.

Budget: $5 – $15 per client gift

  • Customized Wine Packages

Last year, we created fully customized wine packages for our clients and they loved it. We’re happy to share this idea with you. First, we purchased bottle yourself wine from the LC (we had to sample them first, of course). Then we created custom wine labels and bottle hang tags. Finally, we bought kraft paper wine bags, matching wine toppers, crinkle cut stuffers and ribbon then packaged the wine together. We also created a holiday greeting card to match the wine label and hang tag all branded to Honest Agency. 

Custom items will give your client a sense of how important they are to you. If you’re interested in a custom gift, branded to your business, we’d love to help you out.

Budget: TBD

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