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2016 Richlu Manufacturing Catalogue

The 2016 Richlu Manufacturing Safety and Workwear Catalogue — hot off the press!

The Richlu catalogue has been a treasured project of Honest for some 15 years. It has grown from a single catalogue boasting a modest Tough Duck and Work King workwear line to a large, 124 page catalogue with a robust product line including not only Richlu’s cornerstone brands but also safety, flame resistant and women’s clothing.

The Richlu catalogue broke the mould in workwear garment and lifestyle photography. Where traditional workwear garments were featured either on models or positioned flat to photograph, Honest stepped outside of the box to photograph garments on mannequins and real-life models. This created a 3-dimensional effect that was soon mimicked by competitors. The lifestyle photography in the catalogue is extreme, dynamic and compelling — creating everyday working scenes that highlight specific garments.

Workwear in action.

Hanging over a rooftop in the dead of winter, Jerry Grajewski captured this dynamic lifestyle image that has proven to be a client favourite.

The design itself has evolved over the years including the binding and printing techniques. In geek-speak, this monster print piece boasts 4 colour process plus 2 overprinted spot fluorescent inks and a matte varnish throughout; a soft touch aqueous coated cover with a double hit of fluorescent ink; three-hole drilling; and perfect binding to boot. In layman’s terms, this is a whole lot of fun (and stress) for a designer. The fluorescent inks are overprinted on the safety and flame resistant garments to give the effect of high visibility fabric while the soft touch coating on the cover adds a memorable quality that speaks to the craftsmanship of the garments.

With over 200 garments, this catalogue is a time-intensive project from start to finish. Garment colours, brand labels, safety information as well as English garment descriptions with French translations, all require an eye for detail, specific product knowledge and a strong understanding of production techniques.

Press sheets.

Stacks of press sheets waiting to be folded and bound.

While the design and art direction of the catalogue is Honest’s specialty, the printing is something that we also manage with great care. At Honest we make sure no detail is overlooked, which means when we manage production, we press check all of our print pieces — including each page of a 124 page catalogue that might be on press for oh, say… 2 days.

What does it mean to press check a project? It means, that no matter what time of day a sheet comes off of the press we are there to inspect it for accuracy in colour, content, paper and quality. This ensures our client gets the final product we’ve envisioned for them.

Folding machine.

Press sheets getting ready to be folded… we’re almost there!

Press sheets, palettes and plates.

Press sheets, palettes and plates (fluorescent printing plate for the cover shown right).

Catalogue front and back cover.

The front cover showcases Tough Duck workwear while the back cover features safety clothing. The highlight — a fluorescent spine.

With all good things, there comes an end. The day the final catalogue arrives is magical. The fresh smell of ink, the transfixing pop of fluorescent ink, the luxurious feel of soft-touch and a happy client. A superior product is the end result after months of dedicated work, and what feels like years of working together — oh wait, it has been.

What more can an agency ask for?

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