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Rebecca, Isabelle, Eric and Josie

Rebecca, Isabelle, Eric and Josie

Red River College Graphic Design student, Isabelle, writes about her internship at *honest Agency:

“ … umm I’m 24, I have three cats and a fiance …”

That is how I began my three weeks at *honest. It was like an awkward first date — I basically forgot how to articulate my words, but after that, everything was coming up Isabelle.

It was exciting and nerve-racking all at once. The first day at *honest started was a Monday, which meant there was a production meeting in the morning. Callum and Sherril asked how the weekend was and what everyone did. It was a really nice ice-breaker and a good way to get a sense of the personalities of everyone in the office.

Luckily, I knew at least ONE person who worked there, Eric (hi!), so it was nice seeing a familiar face and helped bring down my nerves as I’m a pretty anxious person at times.

Now, for the first week and a half I had an incredibly obnoxious cold — for the second time in a month — that came along with a wicked cough, but I didn’t want that to be a reason to miss any days (I still think I made everyone sick, sorry!) I was determined to tough it out.

During my placement I got to work on a few projects, including, social media posts, developing concept sketches for holiday social media posts, and sitting in on a press check with Melissa. I was also given the opportunity to illustrate a large format retractable banner. There is so much more, but I could probably write forever and this post would never end. Thanks to Charity (who was giving me direction on projects) I definitely gained a lot of valuable knowledge about design, the process, and fleshing out concepts.

I had a fantastic time at *honest, from thrifting at lunch with Rebecca and Josie to Eric and I realizing our intense obsession about books and lunch horoscopes. Anyone lucky enough to go to *honest won’t know it until it happens, because they are a group of pretty fantastic people.


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