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A few weeks ago, the *honest gang joined the rest of the creative industry to celebrate Red River College’s newest graduates in the creative arts programs at the annual Design Exhibition’s Industry Night. The night was an amazing display of creativity and immense talent from students, despite years worth of restless days and sleepless nights. In my opinion, with what we saw at Industry Night, their hard work paid off.

Charity, our art director, was chosen to be a “celebrity” judge that evening to choose students who demonstrated a high level of design proficiency that year.

And it was not easy.

With over 60 students to choose from, her mission proved to be a challenge. Melissa, Rebecca and I, her ever-reliable minions, sprung into action to help her select the rightful recipients for the *honest Badge of Excellence. The rigorous selection process didn’t come easy, and after much deliberation, it came down to the most careful of details.

Honest_Agency_Trouble Greatness_open-house_2


Honest_Agency_Trouble Greatness_open-house_3

We, however, felt that some projects needed to be acknowledged as well. If only we were allowed to split those stickers into pieces — we would’ve done it. Therefore, in this blog post, we’re passing on some virtual high-fives to the creative geniuses of the class of 2015.

Here are a few of our favourites:

Honest_Agency_Trouble Greatness_open-house_4


Honest_Agency_Trouble Greatness_open-house_5


Honest_Agency_Trouble Greatness_open-house_6


Honest_Agency_Trouble Greatness_open-house_9


Honest_Agency_Trouble Greatness_open-house_7


Honest_Agency_Trouble Greatness_open-house_8

Watch out, Winnipeg!

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