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West End BIZ Brokers Kit

Centrally located in Winnipeg, the West End covers a small but dense area, rich in culture, business and community. A main thoroughfare for cars, cyclists and transit, the borders stretch from Notre Dame Ave to Portage Avenue and from Strathcona Street to Hargrave Street downtown.

The West End features a mix of electric restaurants, historic homes, cultural events, community support and access to The University of Winnipeg,  and yet is often overlooked in terms of attracting new business due to the misconception of high crime rates.

So the West End Business Improvement Zone wanted to set the record straight and give an honest perspective to commercial Realtors.

Working with their existing colours and graphics, we developed a kit folder and inserts specifically designed to attract potential business owners and flip existing district preconceptions on their head.

The folder consists of three panels filled with highlights and infographics about the district as well statistics on traffic routes, showcasing how many people move through the area in a day. Demographics boast a population of 36,000 with an additional 10,000 students enrolled in U of W.

Colour-coded inserts highlight five different areas of importance to the commercial Realtor. Business is broken down by numbers and by sectors while the importance of community and diversity is highlighted throughout each piece. The inserts underscore prominent business owners while interesting facts pepper the package.

The West End BIZ mailed the package to major real estate firms in Winnipeg and will be officially launching their initiative at a brokers event geared toward busting myths around the district and attracting new businesses. The “Open for Business” initiative and the subsequent print package have earned the West End BIZ a “Best in the West Award” from the Business Improvement Areas of British Columbia.

Congrats to the West End BIZ. Creating community and engaging new business, well, that’s just good business.





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