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Engineers and Geoscientists Make the World Work Better 

Last fall, you may have noticed a spotlight on Engineers and Geoscientists within Manitoba. Working with the association of Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba, Honest Agency created a campaign to increase awareness around all that these two deserving professions do for each one of us every day. Thus, the campaign “An Engineer Was Here” and “A Geoscientist Was Here” was born.

After a recent rebrand of Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba from their previous name The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Manitoba (APEGM), it was the perfect time to create an awareness campaign. The goal was to raise Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba’s profile, create membership dialogue, reflect the competency and ethics of these two professions and generate public interest in hopes of not only increasing knowledge around the engineering and geoscientists designations (P.Eng. and P.Geo.) but to also to begin to develop relationships with government, media and educational institutions.

 A product of a larger brand and advertising strategy, the campaign goals came to life visually through the use of stamp graphics applied to different media, boasting the slogans “An Engineer Was Here” and “A Geoscientist Was Here.” While the slogans created a sense of pride in members and cognizance in the public, the campaign tagline “Making Your World Work Better” ingrained the concept that without the expertise of engineers and geoscientists, our world would work much differently.

The campaign took an unexpected and unique approach when much of the information within the campaign itself related to the actual media on which it appeared. Facts about engineering and geoscience appeared on transit shelters, buses and elevators — each with artwork specific to the medium — describing materials, mechanical feats, electrical accomplishments, and more.

 A theatre commercial, TV spot, and radio announcement were all developed with the same concept in mind — increase awareness of these professions by highlighting the fact that the things we enjoy and take for granted every day would not be possible without an engineer and/or geoscientist.

The campaign launched during the Ingenium 2016 Conference at the Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg, taking full advantage of having so many members in one location, we decaled the inside of this historic hotel’s elevators highlighting the many features and materials it takes to make it work. One elevator was dedicated to engineers, and the other, geoscientists. Large format posters and brochures were created and distributed to inform members about the campaign and how they could take part. This included wearing and distributing buttons that were created with the campaign slogans and using printed oversized postcards for sharing work and interesting facts on social media.

Outdoor billboards and a concentrated social media presence rounded out the campaign. Rather than highlight the billboards themselves, this media component focussed on inanimate objects, and the campaign slogan was modified to include the benefit that engineers and geoscientists brought to your life. Social media carried forward a stream of related articles, images with facts and local images incorporating the conference postcard.

The success of the campaign was evident in the comments received from members and non-members alike. The increase in social media engagement on both Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook was encouraging, not just because of the volume, but because of the quality of engagement. The insights and comments from participants demonstrated that the campaign resonated with our audiences and it provided the perfect platform on which to build phase two of the strategy in 2017.

 Watch the theater commercial here.

Watch the TV spot here.


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