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Recently, we had hired a company called Reach Local to do some Google advertising for a client of ours. We were required to sign a 6 month commitment because it would take time for their system to kick in and show results. The price was not outrageous assuming we would achieve the results they were forecasting, however, it was still expensive compared to some of the alternatives we were considering.

We decided to give them a try partly due to the results they predicted we would achieve and partly due to their impressive monitoring system. We were good to go and freely parted with our money.

Six months later our contract is now over and we unfortunately did not see the gains we had hoped for. They couldn’t really provide any real explanation as to why it didn’t work as well as they predicted it would. They were as stymied as we were. We have decided not to continue with Reach Local because we feel we can spend our money better elsewhere. No harm. No foul. It just didn’t work for us.¬†Let’s get on with things, shall we?

Today, I received an email inviting me to take a survey to rate their customer service and their product. I don’t mind taking these surveys once in a while as I believe it is a great way to provide information that will hopefully help companies that truly care, to get better and weed out the ones that can’t be bothered to ask. So I took the survey and rated their customer service quite high, while rating my satisfaction with the results and overall investment quite low. At the end of the ¬†survey they had asked whether I wanted to be contacted in regards to my answers. I said no as I wasn’t really that interested in participating any further.

I then received the following email:



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