And Poof! She Was Gone…

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I was fully prepared to be in charge of making coffee for three weeks during my work placement at Honest Agency. It was my first experience in an agency and as soon as I figured out I was in a room full of graphic designers, I thought “What do I have to offer”? Me, a second year CreComm student who had no idea how an agency worked.

I wasn’t nervous, but I was really grateful when head honcho Callum Beattie made me a makeshift desk. I was thankful he threw me a “Josie and the Pussycats” reference. “Yes,” I thought, “the boss has a corny sense of humor, I can work with this”.

I was even more grateful when Charity leaned over from her desk and told me there’s a meeting every Monday morning. To which I responded awkwardly “Thanks…for…telling… me?”

She smiled. I felt dumb. I now know how Lauren Conrad felt on her first day interning at Teen Vogue.

Throughout the three weeks, the meetings in the board room were the best part of my day – getting together to brainstorm concepts and ideas with a bunch of creative people. My other favorite part was when head honcho part deux, Sherril Matthes, shared some of the workload she takes on on a daily basis. I was more than happy to help. Friday lunches at the Kings Head laughing at Roberta-isms, Kerri teaching me how to use a sewing machine and listening to Jadyn’s playlists were some of the added bonuses.

By the end, three weeks had flown by. At the Honest “Naughty or Nice” Holiday party, Sherril shimmied her way up to me and taught me her little dance. I knew right then and there I would be stoked to work at an agency like this.

Overall, I am very thankful Honest decided to take me on as their first CreComm intern. I’m glad I had a positive first experience at an agency.

And I’m happy to have made nine new friends.

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