Something Symbolic in a Palindrome

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Something Symbolic in a Palindrome

Yani, our recent second-year graphic design student placement, recounts her first day and overall experience at Honest Agency.

On a bright and early morning, the sun perfectly kissed the brick wall of the Birks building. It cast a shadow waiting to be discovered and quietly shouting its glory. The shadows were pulsating, eager to be revealed and noticed.It’s a palindrome.

I took this picture the first day of my work placement as I arrived quite early. I have this habit of taking photos anywhere I go, and I could talk more about why I do it, but this is not the point. As I was standing close to the door of the main lobby, I took a moment to observe and look around. “The marble tiles are exquisite,” I thought to myself. The sun was slowly showing its delicate rays as it rose to hit the building. This was when I saw the shadows. They were numbers, numbers of the building. It’s a palindrome.

Now, sure it’s a palindrome, but what about it? It’s the epitome of what I learned during my three-week work placement at Honest. The instant that I recognized those numbers as a palindrome, I noticed a tiny detail. The moment of recognition was a beautiful metaphor for being fastidious. As a student of design coming out of my shell and getting a taste of what the design industry is, it is daunting yet relevant. In school, we are often hammered by our instructors to be detail-oriented with our content and our design. I’ve come to realize that in the industry, it’s no different.

In fact, it’s all about noticing and understanding the small details that make the difference. In my first week, Charity, the Art Director, brought me to a printer to do a press check for a magazine cover that they were working on before it went into production. She closely went over everything, from checking the colours to making sure the registration was done properly. Over the course of three weeks, I had the opportunity to sit down in meetings with clients as well as meetings internally. I’ve also fortunately been given the chance to participate in creating logo concepts for two of their clients, where we started by looking closely at the creative brief. During the process, we had internal group critiques to narrow down the ideas until two to three concepts were chosen. From there, these concepts were further developed.

All the things I came to experience during my placement revolved around deeply and honestly caring for details. As a soon-to-be contributor to the design industry, it was integral to my growth to be given this opportunity and first-hand insight from what separates a professional to a student. Really, the three weeks couldn’t have gone by any faster, and all in all I had a great time. I’m grateful for the lessons imparted consciously and subconsciously.


Yani shares her unique perspective, contagious smile and creative work during her student placement at Honest.

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