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A Media Coordinator Intern’s First Step Into the Marketing World

As my last few weeks as a Media Coordinator student at Herzing College passed by, I began to look forward with anticipation to my upcoming internship at Honest Agency. I was eager to get some hands on experience and soak up all the knowledge I could. After all, there is so much to learn in this budding line of work. Online marketing is the new frontier of branding and advertising; it is only in the last several years that it has become an increasing necessity to every company’s marketing strategy. The uncharted waters of the digital world can be daunting for many business owners, which is why outsourcing a skilled professional is the way to go.

I rode up in the elevator on the morning of day one, buzzing with a mixture of excitement and first day nerves. As the doors opened I received a warm reception from the front desk, which read “Hello” written in large bold print over chalkboard paint. If the staff were as welcoming as this inanimate object, I was in good hands. Which of course, they were.

First up was the Monday morning production meeting, commencing with a brief overview of everyone’s weekend. Conveniently, this was a way for me to get a little insight into the people I’d be working with for the next six weeks. I learned right away this was a company that valued building morale, as each team member began by recollecting the events of the previous Friday night when they had all gone out for a game of bowling. After a few minutes of playing weekend catch up it was down to business, going over the weekly status report.

Afterward I was shown to my desk, positioned across from several spacious windows over looking a lively view of downtown Winnipeg. My last job involved some work with interior design, which made me appreciate the minimalist decor of the office, scattered with a few conversation pieces arranged accordingly throughout. There is a cardboard moose head hanging on a wall, which sounds odd, because it kind of is, but I’ve decided I must have one. I especially enjoy the installation of thin, long tree trunks separating the workstations from the kitchen and eating area.

I’d been given a list of tasks for the week to determine which sort of duties would be best suited to my capabilities during my time here. I started by familiarizing myself with some of the work Honest had created for their clients and was inspired by the sleek design of the websites, print and ad work. Being in a creative space is so refreshing; I enjoy watching the process of the strategists and art director joining their styles together to execute a final product.

The highlight of the week would have to be when all the staff was summoned to the boardroom for a brainstorming session to discuss an upcoming meeting with a potential client. This really opened my eyes to just how inventive the Honest team was willing to get. Ideas began flying around the room; the atmosphere was animated as we laughed at the developing concept’s hits and misses.

I am sure my time here will be a valuable experience. You often hear that all interns do is run around making coffee for everyone in the office, well I have yet to do so. In fact, there were several people offering me coffee the moment I arrived.

This blog post was written by Taylor Benson, a media coordination student from Herzing College.

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