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David Lipnowski

Winnipeg really is home to the coolest people! David Lipnowski came to the office and took us with him on his trip around the world as a photographer. His career has been extensive and impressive for someone who has yet to hit thirty.

David worked in Winnipeg as a freelance photographer, doing jobs for The Free Press and other publications, while going through school. In 2011 David attempted to survive in Australia using only his skills as a photographer. He would go to restaurants and exchange professional shots of food, for his meals. His trajectory around the continent was defined by where he would find his next photography job. This lead him to meet all kinds of people and become engaged in all sorts of activities from shooting surf competitions to weddings. Having come from a bike racing background David jumped at the chance to record a major bike race as a photographer. When you follow your passions, life seems to unfold before you. This year David shot images for a publication at the 100th anniversary of the Tour de France.

These days David is committed to a personal project. He has decided to shoot one portrait a day for every day of the year and so far he hasn’t missed a single day. His goal is to capture a broad spectrum of society, by asking strangers in the street to pose for 5-7 minutes. He then goes on to write a paragraph about each of the people he shoots. So if a stranger on the street approaches you for your image, don’t hesitate to get involved!

Although the photography David showed the office was breathtaking, the truly inspiring part of his presentation was the way he approaches his passion. He lives his life through his art, and lets that lead him from adventure to adventure and from person to person. He refers to his camera as his passport, taking him from one experience to the next.

Check out his extensive portfolio here, you can’t help but be blown away:

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