Recognizing that they serve similar communities, and seeing that they could be stronger and more effective together, the Manitoba Craft Council and the Manitoba Crafts Museum have co-located into a single site. They are maintaining their independent boards and organizations but are engaging the community as a blended model. 

C2, the Centre for Craft was born.


Asking two independent organizations to define a shared future in one location required much more than a mission, vision and values. It required their input into a shared understanding of who they would be – as a couple – and how that would translate into their space, their brand and the experience of their members and stakeholders. 

Once we had some organizational clarity, it was time to create a brand that had enough room to fit all the players and their needs.

It needed to be strong and memorable on its own, but had to accommodate the two founding organizations and play well with each of their independent brands.  

Because the industry is so visual and tactile, the brand had to complement, not compete with, the craft items being created, on display, or for sale. 

So the c2 logo is clean and simple. The colour palette and patterns are vibrant and loosely contained. 

This allows each application to be as simple or as complex as the medium requires, whether it’s exterior signage, museum presentations, retail displays or advertising.

The results: They have just moved in together, they’re hiring and they’re defining the member and guest experience based on the detailed Forecast that they’ve co-crafted.


C2 – Centre for Craft



Purpose and forecast for the organization, marketing plan, logo, brand, stationery, environmental signage, website, various print materials


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