CPHR Canada is the national voice on the enhancement and promotion of the HR Profession. 

With an established and credible designation and collaboration on national issues, we are pro-actively positioning the human resources agenda in Canada and representing the Canadian HR Profession with HR Associations around the world.


Just over one year ago, the position statement above describing CPHR Canada was not true. The nine member Provinces that make up CPHR Canada had agreed to collaboration around a single designation, and they had released a new set of governance priorities.

In September 2016, we met the Provincial leaders together in Winnipeg and created the framework for a single shared brand and two key messages – one for business leaders and one for potential CPHRs.

In November, the designation name was changed to CPHR. Some Provinces were in for the re-brand, some were on the fence. In February, the brand was ready to launch, the national association and a few of the provinces were ready to rename. By April 1, each of the member Provinces were renamed and rebranded.

The brand is bilingual, and adapted to the needs of each member association, yet consistently applied for greater recognition. In one year, CPHR Canada and the member associations have seen dramatic change.  92% of Provincial leaders said feedback about the brand was very, or extremely positive.  

“This more consistent approach across Canada has allowed our provincial association to more clearly articulate that we are part of a Canadian body, we are part of something bigger. Our members often comment about how “professional” our association looks and acts now.”


CPHR Canada



Forecast and brand definition, communication strategy and support,  member and public relations.

Bilingual logo and brand, nine brand manuals and policies, websites, e-newsletters, sets of signage, stationery, professional certificates, merchandise, etc.

Brand launch campaign.


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