The largest, longest running Folk Culture Festival in the World, Folklorama has a volunteer board, a small and committed staff and about 40 community volunteer boards, each with fierce cultural pride.


When we first met the Folk Arts Council leadership, they had: the Folk Arts Council; the Folklorama Festival; their talent booking arm, F.A.C.E.S.; their education tour, the Stage for Learning; and their travel agency, Folklorama Plus.

Were they an organization that provides a full range of services, or a Festival that does other things? This was the key question the Folk Arts Council wrestled with. Once they determined they were a festival first, everything else started to fall into place: the organization and its programs were renamed and re-branded so that brand consistency was established across all.

Working with a focused staff group, a volunteer board and volunteer members from 40 communities, we defined in detail who they were and where they were going.

We kept the most recognizable feature – their festival name and icon, cleaned it up, set a colour palette, renamed and rebranded all their support services within one consistent look and feel. They won an international brand award, they won best attraction of the year the following year, and their teachings program increased bookings by 50% that fall.In the first year after the brand launch, the Folklorama Teachings program, where communities present their culture in music, food and art to school children, increased by 50%.

Since then, the festival has continued to grow and improve.





Two five-year Strategic Plans, with forecasts and action items, including regular tracking, monitoring and external support. Award-winning re-brand. Multiple years of festival marketing including TV, print, outdoor, exterior buses, program, banners, merchandise and beer.


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