As a not-for-profit starting out, it’s all too easy to avoid proper planning and to just “do the best we can with what we’ve got”. But savvy not-for-profits and associations know that if you fail to plan you might as well plan to fail. If all the players work together from the beginning the music they create will be that much sweeter at the end of the day.


Music for All Alliance needed a vision that was rich in detail. They needed a cohesive plan with clear priorities. And they needed a brand that presented one story for all the organizations behind creating equitable opportunity for music education.

Usually, we don’t recommend strategic planning to groups that haven’t been together for six months or more, because they don’t know their challenges yet. But MFAA, a not-for-profit collective of other not-for-profits had been starting and stopping. They needed the opportunity to congeal around some practical actions that could bridge the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, the Folk Festival, and other Manitoba Music powerhouses with school administrators, music teachers, the police service, community youth and economic advocates, and more.

We met for a full strategic planning session, where we richly articulated the passion, excitement and opportunities they shared. We spent time working through perceived and actual barriers until this wonderfully divergent group had something they could all stand for.

Then we developed an identity that reflects the tone they established: open, energetic, diverse, vivid, expert, optimistic and collaborative. It includes a youthful colour palette, brand patterns that celebrate collaboration, and photography that places the power of music directly into the hands of the individual. This brand has room for all genres, cultures and languages; all levels of ability and all socio-economic strata.


Music For All Alliance



Strategic plan, brand, logo, website, collateral


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