For decades, world-class research was taking place in Manitoba, creating a critical mass of knowledge and experience and launching an economic sector, all but hidden from public view.

But, there were stories that needed to be told about prairie innovation taking on the world.


In the ten years we’ve known them, Research Manitoba has evolved twice: once with a new vision and a renewed brand look and feel that took them out of their 1970’s brown and gold; and again in 2015, when their mandate was expanded.

Today, Research Manitoba brings together the Manitoba Health Research Council (MHRC), the Manitoba Research and Innovation Fund, the Health Research Initiative, and the Manitoba Centres of Excellence Fund.

The challenge in the expanded mandate was to ensure that their new natural and social sciences, engineering and the humanities research partners were heard and represented well, while the Health Research partners understood that their ongoing roles were not diminished. With a newly elected provincial government, they also needed to demonstrate proven and ongoing value.

Having developed the brand and supported ongoing communication, we worked with the Board of Directors to define their key messages to researchers and to government – their two primary audiences.

The key messages themselves are rarely used verbatim in communication, but they underpin the delivery of consistent messaging, in annual reports, on the website, and in targeted materials. Perhaps most importantly, these messages support Board Members, staff and volunteers as they represent the organization in person.


Research Manitoba



Logo, brand strategy, brand manual, website, stationery package, four annual reports and three research impact reports to date.

Board level key message definition and communication framework.


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