Rebranding a business is one thing. Rebranding a BIZ is another beast entirely. Luckily this beast wasn’t so much ferocious as it was exciting, energetic and just plain fun to work with. With loads of personality and an atmosphere like no other, West Broadway’s brand went from beast to beauty in only a few short months.


The West Broadway Biz Zone was challenged to reflect the rich, eclectic culture of their area and harness the potential to attract the right business investors, despite a history of openings and closures as the neighborhood teetered on success.

Full of history, culture, and character, the West Broadway district would be defined in real estate terms as an up and coming neighbourhood. Stately trees, lively summer sidewalks and interesting architecture form a backdrop for diverse restaurants, a multitude of health and wellness providers, local entertainment and a variety of businesses.

Along with their plans, West Broadway needed a brand to bring excitement and freshness to the community while instilling confidence in business owners new and old.

Representing the diverse journeys, the summer sidewalks and the pathways to many different doors, the West Broadway logo and brand is vibrantly visible through winter and summer on street light installations, banners and other out-of-home; on the website; maps and promotional materials and at community-building events.

The results: more festivals, more new businesses and a new-found appreciation in the real estate market.


West Broadway BIZ



Rebrand, logo, brand manual, stationery package, outdoor signage, banners, visitor’s guide, walking map and other collateral


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