2016 Year in Review

We’d like to share some of our favourite projects from 2016 with you! Please check out our year in review video. Thank you to our awesome clients and suppliers who made it possible. Goodbye [...]

Olympique Magnifique

This morning, a branding project had me searching Olympic logos — it’s a long/boring story — but anyway, I began to take note of how similarly terrible most of them are. Many include a [...]

You Say Potato, I Say Logo

Artphy Centrum voor kunst en Filosofie (Center for Art and Philosophy) from BURO RENG on Vimeo. A logo is born. From Netherlands-based Buro Reng.  

Natural Born Logos

Sure, you wish you owned a Farrari but could you describe it's logo from memory?

Our True (North Strong & Free) Colours

I’ve been working up to this post for some time now. As an avid (or maybe rabid) Olympics supporter and a general sports enthusiast, I’ve been exceptionally proud of the way Canada [...]

Back to Brand Basics

A few weeks ago I wrote about the staying power of a select few NHL teams. I wrote that those teams who stuck to their brand were the most successful. While the Vancouver Canucks have often [...]

iStock controversy

It seems iStock is pushing their way into the grey area of logo design. Promoting a new logo design service coming this January, they state that “clients will be able to download a unique [...]

Concert Hall Materials Inch Closer to Completion

Keep your eyes peeled for our September launch of the Centennial Concert Hall brand. 16 months in the making, hundreds of hours of R & D, several dozen meetings and a lot of blood sweat and [...]