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Transform your organization with a purpose-driven, values-based brand.

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People are building relationships with authentic purpose-driven brands that align with their values and world-views. In order for any brand to initiate and maintain a meaningful relationship with their audience, it requires that they be crystal clear about what they stand for and what they offer.


  • Are you frustrated because your business isn't reaching its potential?
  • Does your team have a hard time explaining what you do?
  • Are your best and brightest employees going to your competition?
  • Is a merger or acquisition on the horizon?

As a professional association

  • Do you struggle to justify or demonstrate the value members receive for the dues they pay?
  • Is growing your membership a growing concern?
  • Is member engagement low?
  • Do you have the influence you need to elevate your profession?

AS A First Nation

  • Does your community have a lot of great ideas, but no compelling vision?
  • Have you certified with FMB?
  • Are you moving towards self-governance?
  • Is blending your cultural traditions with a progressive view becoming a struggle?
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When your brand is crystal clear, everything about your organization comes into focus. Decision making becomes easier, faster and more effective as your entire team aligns around a collective purpose.

Brand-led Organizations VS. ORGANIZATION-LED BRANDS

Brand-led Organizations

Clear, authentic and relevant
United by a clear purpose
Attract the right employees
Weather market storms
See competitors as worthy rivals
Align all aspects of the organization


Change messaging for the audience
Lack unified direction
Face high turnover and lethargy
Are unprepared for external variables
Focus on beating the competition
Everyone does what they think is best
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Unlock Your
Authentic Brand Potential

The very best brands are built on purpose, authenticity and transparency.

Uncovering and communicating your brand should be easy and natural, after all, your brand is a reflection of who you are as an organization, community or culture.

But it is one of the most difficult aspects of running an organization. We can help with that. Our 5-step brand building framework will help guide you through your brand discovery journey and give you the confidence to know you are gaining momentum in the right direction.

Generate Insights

It's easier to know where you're going if you know where you're starting from. Qualitative and quantitative research provides critical information that will point you in the right direction.

Define a Strategy

Defining and articulating what your brand stands for, who it's for and how you're positioned is critical for long term success. A clear strategy will make decision making easier and stress free.

Build Your Identity

Your brand identity consists of all of the sensory elements that make up your brand. Logos, typography, iconography, colours, sounds, music, textures and even smells and tastes blend together to create a tool kit of elements that are used to build your brand experience.

Create the Experience

Equipped with a comprehensive tool kit, an immersive brand experience will provide your target audience with a meaningful and memorable interaction that will move them from customer to advocate.

Align and Manage

Consistency is essential in maintaining and growing a brand. Communicating your brand in a way that aligns with your core purpose and values will ensure you also align with your core customers' world views and provides them with consistently meaningful brand experiences.

Honest has a keen understanding of our brand and delivers optimum results. Ron Gauthier, President,
CPHR Manitoba
Case Study, CPHR

Honest understands how to create a purpose-driven brand strategy. Heather Medwick, MPA, President,
Portfolio: Cytophage

The butterflies in my stomach still flutter every time I watch our brand reveal video. It’s so inspiring. Leanne DeVliegere, Chief Operations Officer,
Fusion Credit Union

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We help organizations like yours transform into trusted and powerful brands.

The most successful brands are those with a well-defined purpose, strong values, a meaningful vision and a clear message. These are the brands with a story to tell and one that people want to hear.

We've helped hundreds of leaders get clear about what their brand stands for and how best to tell their story. Building a transformational brand doesn't have to be difficult. With our 5 step brand framework, you will discover how truly inspirational your brand can be to those you serve.

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The time to transform your brand is now.

We've helped almost 100 organizations build authentic brands by helping them define their purpose and clarify their messaging. We can help you too.


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