Gather as Family

Icelandic Festival of Manitoba logo on a blue background with water brand textures.

The Icelandic Festival of Manitoba digs deep into the roots of the past and nourishes the spirit of festival goers now and into the future.

Influenced by Icelandic landscapes, hand-made tools, engravings, textiles and philosophies, we applied these visuals in a more contemporary way to create a sense of discovery and exploration.

Greyscale photo of two smiling boys at the Icelandic Festival parade wearing Viking helmets and carrying homemade shields.

This playful approach allows the viewer to interact with every piece of creative on a personal level.

The stylized texture of ancient runic symbols and pictograms of Icelandic ideology and culture open the senses to echos through time.

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Two Icelandic Festival of Manitoba tote bags with colourful runic illustrations on a white and blue background.
Two blue posters, hanging on a wall, with colourful runic illustrations advertising the 2016 Icelandic Festival of Manitoba.
Icelandic Festival of Manitoba logo on a dark blue background below a close-up of a blue booklet with runic illustrations.
A young woman holding a guitar and singing into a microphone. In the background are the flags of Iceland and Canada.
Icelandic Festival of Manitoba brand manual, in hardcover. The cover is blue with runic illustrations and water texture.
Callum Beattie