A Targeted and Deadly Brand

Cytophage logo over a dark blue image of bacteriophages.

Helping a Canadian start-up fight the growth of antimicrobial resistant bacteria.

We see a world where every doctor and veterinarian can naturally free their patients from the pain, suffering and untimely death of bacterial infection or contamination, without causing harm to people, animals or the environment.

Dark blue background with Cytophage icon and tagline: "Biological Solutions for Biological Problems."

Ask most people and they will never have heard of a “phage.” With a strong brand and clear messaging, we are helping to change the way people think about antibiotics and the dangers they pose.

Learn more at cytophage.com.

A mock-up of an open Cytophage brochure with headline: Animal health.
Mock-up of two Ctyophage brochures with one partly out of frame. The brochure cover reads: Cytophage Corporate profile 2022
The Cytophage website displayed on a laptop over a white and red background.
Cytophage business cards. The back of the card says: Biological solutions for biological problems.