If your basket of skills includes managing lots of projects really well, being the go-between for clients and the creative team, bringing clients with you and finding new clients, we may have just the spot for you.


We’re looking for someone who is both professional and unique, someone who can be creative and disciplined, someone who takes their work seriously, but not themselves.


If this sounds like you, check out this job and send in your resumé!


Project Manager – Job description

With the support of the team, the Project Manager (PM) provides exceptional service and support to our clients, ensuring their objectives are being met the Honest way – with persistence, diligence, understanding, respect and laughter.


The Project Manager plans and coordinates projects for clients. The role includes administration, project tracking, research and handling budgets. They help define client and internal goals and look for potential growth opportunities. They work directly with the Art Director and the creative team to ensure projects are completed within their scope, budget and timeline.


The Project Manager sees the big picture and understands all of the details. They are a conduit for important information, ensuring the client experience is exceptional from initial contact through to the final execution and delivery.


They manage multiple accounts and support the team by creating scopes, creative briefs, estimates, quotes and timelines. They think strategically, assess problems critically and look to problem solve creatively.


The role has room for career development and enhancing skills across a range of disciplines.


The Requirements

•       Degree or diploma in marketing, business or a related field of study

•       Interest in and aptitude for creative business with strong organizational skills

•       Great client-facing experience

•       Great project management abilities, detail-oriented

•       Excellent presentation and communication skills

•       The ability to work on multiple projects

•       Strong writing skills

•       An understanding of the design process

•       Self motivated and willing to expand knowledge

•       Ability to self-manage while assisting others

•       Incorporates creative problem solving and understands numbers and schedules

•       Ability to facilitate – lead meetings, negotiate conflicts, build team morale and enable the creative thought process


The Project Manager reports to the Partners. They have overall responsibility for managing the details for their accounts. Within the agency, they work with everyone to develop and execute deliverables.


The Project Manager has direct contact with agency clients. They must be excellent at relationship building, managing details and have great written and oral communication skills.

At Honest Agency, We inspire meaningful change.


We are committed to helping our clients understand and leverage the power of their brands to achieve their goals.


We see great clients surpass their expectations because of us.  Every day, we ask the right questions, provide sound expertise and create brands that people love.


We value:

A high-quality client experience

Respect for individuals and their unique perspectives

Authenticity in ourselves and our work

Opportunities for professional and personal growth

Creativity put to work

Empathy as the basis for communication

Aspiration as the driver of change

Pride as the goal

Deadline to apply: Friday, March 08, 2024

We are always interested in chatting with new talent. If you’ve looked through our site and you like what you see, send us your resumé and we’ll keep it on file for the next time we’re hiring.

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