We're an "all hands on deck" kind of crew.

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The way we do things around here...

Our favourite people
A little bit about the team. We’ll discuss your brand with you to gather insights and conduct a thorough review to establish a baseline of where we stand before creating a roadmap to amplify your brand.
Digital Marketing Strategist
Bria Welch
Black bear
"Bria's Guide to Survival, 1st Edition (2016)"
Gen Z Knowledge (despite being a millennial)
Bozoma Saint John
Bria’s an avid gamer, dog-mom and our digital campaign go-to. She’ll help you develop your organic and paid marketing strategy, ensuring everything is on-brand, well-written and able to drive meaningful results.
Partner/Director of Brand
Callum Beattie
Weather app
Guns. Lots of guns.
Suppressed rage
Callum is serious about brand and business development, but not much else! He’s led Honest since day one, directing our accounts department, advising our creative, and facilitating your brand workshops and strategy.
Communications Strategist
Casey Challes
Killer Sudoku
Excel tips and tricks
Noel Cottrell at Murder Hornet
After working in the arts for eight years, Casey now uses her creative acumen in the communications field. She’s happy to support your marketing and brand strategy or dive into your next writing project.
Art Director
Colin Sawatzky
Join them? Nobody ever tells the zombie’s side of the story.
Jessica Walsh
When Colin’s not enjoying the great outdoors with his kids, he’s at Honest leading our creative team. A graphic designer by trade, he manages concept development and creative with kindness and expertise.
Project Manager
Diego Collantes Loo
“Double tap.”
Can make you the best Chilcano ever
Simon Sinek
Once a rower in an 8-man racing boat, Diego understands the value of teamwork and dedication when it comes to managing projects. He joins Honest with 15 years of experience as a copywriter and creative consultant in Peru.
Graphic Designer
Emma Lytle
Winnipeg Bus Live
Social media detective skills
Carmi Grau
Emma is artistic, socially conscious, and always up for a night of karaoke. Their thoughtful designs are focused on creating solutions that will have a positive impact on you and your audience.
Senior Graphic Designer
Luiza Baptista
Finally put my skills with a throwing knife to use.
Speaks four languages
Ellen Lupton's Instagram
Luiza brings an international perspective to her work, having called Brazil, France and now Canada “home.” Her work transcends the traditional, carefully considering user experience and integrating solutions to make your brand both beautiful and functional.
Account Director
Priya Tandon
Put my son’s Taekwondo skills to the test.
Systemized lists upon lists
Paula Scher
With a background in business ownership, Priya excels in client satisfaction, quality assurance and project management. She’s (literally) the person to call to keep your project running smoothly and efficiently.
Partner/Director of Strategy
Sherril Matthes
Me and the chipmunks at Lake of the Woods.
Gus’s mom 🐾
The Conscious Leadership authors: Jim Dethmer, Diana Chapman and Kaley Warner Klemp
Sherril prioritizes organizational and personal wellness. With 35+ years of experience in corporate communications, media relations, strategic planning and internal communications, she’ll work with you to develop your company's purpose and strategy.


Our clients are consistently surpassing their expectations.

It’s seriously not about us. We develop strategies that align our clients’ brands to their organizational goals.

They go forth and do great things in the world. 


We ask the right questions, provide sound expertise and create brands people love.

Every day, we challenge the way our clients see themselves.

Based on evidence and our experience and knowledge, we provide advice, encouragement and support to stake their rightful position and move towards it.

Together with our clients, we create the brand integrity that people come to love.


We help our clients understand and leverage the power of their brands to achieve their goals.

Few things are as powerful as credible communication to motivate people. Strategic leaders wield that power to create consistency, which creates trust.

A brand that is based in credibility and trust commands the loyalty and the patience of the people who are important to them.


Implementing an aligned brand strategy will make your organization stronger.

It’s a law of nature.

When you’re doing meaningful work; when you’re clear about who you are and what you stand for; and when your actions are consistent; you will attract the support of people and organizations who believe what you believe.

You will also quickly identify people and opportunities that don’t align, which will save you time and money.

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