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An engineer was here.

Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba

Building awareness and affinity for a profession that is everywhere around us but rarely noticed.

Professional Engineers and Geoscientists dedicate their lives to their profession in order to make our world a better place allowing everyone to live a better life.


  • Recently re-branded (by Honest)
  • Desire to strengthen designation recognition (P.Eng. & P.Geo.)
  • Many types of professional engineers and geoscientists
  • Desire to increase member engagement across the province


  • Describe the value professional engineers and geoscientists add to all aspects of life
  • Engage the public in relevant ways and unexpected places
  • Involve members in the campaign
  • Use social media to personalize the messaging
  • ‘An Engineer Was Here’


Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba have ends statements defined by the board in their strategic plan, one of which is: The public understands and values the contribution of the professions.

Over the previous two years, Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba had undergone some fundamental transformations in communication including changing the name from the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Manitoba (APEGM) to Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba (EngGeoMB) and re-branding to refresh the look and feel of the organization.

These steps were undertaken as part of a larger strategic plan to ensure the visibility and the perceived value of the organization and the professions among the public – but more specifically, among stakeholders within the public, and among the members of the association.

The campaign was based on the new brand. Much like a person has fundamental personality traits that are core to who they are, but has opinions and ideas that are subject to change; the brand or the personality of the organization should remain largely unchanged for the foreseeable future.

Any campaign was a communication strategy coming forth from the brand, but fulfilling the short-term communication needs.

Campaign objectives
  1. Develop and deliver a province-wide campaign in the year 2016 that improves the visibility of engineers and geoscientists to the general public, defines the P.Eng. and P.Geo. designations, and reflects the competency and ethics of practitioners and their leading role in protecting the public interest.
  2. Through the brand and campaign, build the image of the engineering and geoscience professions as vibrant, diverse, rewarding, ethical, and equitable career domains.
  3. Use the campaign and accompanying internal and stakeholder communication rollout as an opportunity to enrich member identity, community and pride in the professions, by reflecting their work and by engaging chapters, committees and members, through the use of tools such as talking points and resource kits.
  4. Align the communication, in complementary ways, to the work underway with government and regulators, under-represented groups, and educational institutions.
  5. Use the campaign preparation to develop media relations policies, processes, and internal capacity, with the long-term objective of developing trusting and transparent relationships with members of the local media, so they will come to the association for comment on relevant news topics.



Take pride in your industry and your contribution to it. We are as strong as our membership.


Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba is a collaboration of proud and talented professionals, working to protect and enhance the integrity of our built and natural environments.


Engineering is everywhere. The things engineers do are exciting and cool. Engineers provide many trusted and valuable skills and services that make people’s lives better. We protect the public’s interest and safety.


Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba wants to raise awareness of the profession, but also increase brand recognition for the P.Eng. and P.Geo. designations. 


The campaign launch was linked to their annual conference, Ingenium, in October.

Engineers Geoscients Manitoba movie theatre and television commercials


Three strategies were presented. The first focused on engineers’ and geoscientists’ capacity to improve the current condition. The concept was called ‘creating tomorrow today.’ The second concept, ‘specialists of life,’ was more emotionally driven. The third option, ‘An Engineer was Here,’ was the selected option.

The strategy was to overlay familiar settings with the engineering or geoscience contribution. To describe, for example, the engineering factors at play in the development of the bus on the road or the video you are watching.

The campaign also included social media components for members where they could photograph their projects themselves with a postcard reading “an engineer was here,” or “a geoscientist was here” and share it on social media.


The campaign ran for four weeks. The media included:
  • Television
  • Movie theatre previews
  • Radio
  • Outdoor
  • Transit sides and tails
  • Transit shelters


  • Member uptake on social media was strong.
  • Feedback at the conference and throughout the campaign was positive.
  • This campaign was updated and ran again the next fall.
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