Branding and Identities Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba

How can we build member value and profile for the engineering profession?

Professional engineers and geoscientists dedicate their lives to their profession in order to make our world a better place, allowing everyone to live a better life.

As with many associations, Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba had to appeal to many audiences with one cohesive brand strategy.

With government and businesses, the challenge was to position engineers and geoscientists to be engaged in every relevant project to the right degree, at the right time. With potential students, the brand had to represent all that a career in engineering or geoscience could offer. Finally, it was important to brand the association in a professional, current and credible way to which the membership could relate.


The outcome included a bold new logo, colour palette, imagery and graphic elements that provide visual cues to the audiences. It suggests a sense of depth and importance to what the organization and its members bring to the environment they operate in.

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